Inaugural Issue: Mapping Media Studies
Vol. 1 | No. 1 | 2020

ISSN 2691-1566




Editorial Introduction
Maryam Muliaee & Mani Mehrvarz


Media Philosophy
Timothy Barker

Three Moments on Mediation
Paul Benzon

Ina Blom

Building a more Infrastructural Media Studies
Jordan Frith

Practicing Theory
Jason Geistweidt

Pas de chemin, pas de ligne
Katherine Groo

 An Alternative to Facts
Jeffrey West Kirkwood

Towards a Goal of Inclusive Academic Publishing
Ryan Lizardi

From Media Literacy to Media Archaeology
Carine Mardorossian

When Art History Meets Information Theory, or on Media Theory outside Media Theory
Simone Natale

The Undisciplined “Discipline” of the In-between
Katharina Niemeyer

To Media Study: Media Studies and Beyond
Jussi Parikka

Making Media (Study) Haptic
David Parisi

Investigating the Digital Nonhumanities
Alex Reid

Media Study Futures
Mark Shepard

Sarah Sweeney

Media in the Age of Apophenia: Why the Study of Media Art and Theory is more Important Today than Ever
Bernadette Wegenstein

Art vs. Tech: Subversive Relations
Ewa Wójtowicz